A diverse group of people sit in a well-lit room, engaged in a discussion. The setting includes modern decor and artwork on the walls. Some participants speak while others listen attentively, indicating a collaborative environment.

Partners & Supporters

We have some amazing partners and supporters who have provided us with donations, commercial briefs, and much more. Without them, we couldn’t do the work we do. Learn more about our charity's sponsors and partners below.

If you are interested in partnering with us or supporting us, please get in touch through our contact page.

Our Strategic Partner

JAMMA International have been our strategic partner from our very beginning in 2019, supporting our vision, formation and growth to where we are today. We could not be the charity we are without the support of JAMMA and we are thrilled to have such a strong partner with us on our journey.

Our Donors

We thank all our donors who provide us with financial donations to complete the work that we do. Without them, we cannot achieve the vision and impact which we strive for. If you are consideration a donation to the Foundation, please get in contact with us.

Our Supporters

We also have some incredible supporters who help us in so many different ways. Thank you for all your support from facilitating, donating kit and resources, to collaboration and making our projects happen.