Our six-month commercial photography training programme provides a supportive and inspiring environment where you can take your professional photography skills to the next level, develop a commercially-focused portfolio tailored to your career goals, and grow your independent voice whilst gaining as much practical experience as you can.

What we offer

As a trainee on the programme, you will join us at our studio in North Greenwich once a week over six months. During the first three months, you will have plenty of time to deepen your understanding of the commercial photography industry; developing your skills in digital photography, editing software, and business and freelance skills.
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During the second half of the programme, you will choose an organisation or brand to work with, pitch a commercial brief to promote their product or service, and complete a project for your professional portfolio. This part of the programme will support you to develop a range of transferrable skills for your future career including communication, problem-solving, and confidence.
To wrap up the programme, you will work on curating your final exhibition. This involves selecting which images you want to display, creating a collaborative digital display of your work, and making a zine. During the programme, there will be a wide range of resources available to you. We've listed some of the key benefits below.
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Photography Skills

Professional photography workshops
Individualised support based on your goals
Complete a commercial photography brief
Portfolio development

Career Development

Mentorship with an industry professional
Professional skills development
Employability support & coaching
Work experience opportunities

Equipment & Facilities

Camera kit and editing software
Co-working space with iMac computers
Photography studio & equipment
Self-led learning resources

What we're Looking For

Strong Passion

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to apply, the purpose of the programme is to nurture your potential. To thrive on the programme, you will need to show that you already have some practical experience of producing photographic, or similar media.
A person wearing all black and braided hair fits a purple colourama on an adjuster while crouching on the floor of a photography studio.A person wearing a grey outfit is seated and writing notes in a small notebook with a pen. The notebook is partially filled with handwritten text. The focus is on the hands, notebook, and pen, with a blurred background.

Clear Goals

We want to see that you are ambitious, and that you have thought about how the programme will support you to reach your goals and boost your career, whilst being open to growing and changing along the way.


You will have the ability to work both independently and collaboratively, and to manage your time to achieve self-led outcomes. You will be motivated to succeed and to make the most of the learning and opportunities on offer to you.
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Who Can Apply?

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To apply for the training programme, you must:
Be aged 18-25 when the programme starts
Live in London for the duration of the programme
Show you have an interest in developing a career in commercial photography, or a related profession
Have faced barriers to entering the creative industries relating to socio-economic background (based on criteria set out by the Social Mobility Commission)
Able to commit to one full day (9am – 5pm) in our studio in North Greenwich as well as work on projects in your own time (minimum 1 extra day per week)

Fees & Bursaries

We are offering eight places on our next core training programme. Successful applicants will either be offered a free (bursary) place or a discounted (subsidised) place, costing £950 (payment plans available). The kind of support you are offered depends on your household income.

A person wearing a red durag and a dark hoodie leans over a railing, focusing on capturing a photograph with a DSLR camera. The background features a river, a bridge, and an urban cityscape with buildings in the Greenwich Peninsula.
A man posing confidently holding onto a photo stand in our photography studio in conversation with two other young people.


I’m willing to travel, so why do trainees have to be based in London?

We don't take applications from individuals outside of London as we currently assess our funding and cost of living criteria thresholds for both free and subsidised places according to Greater London weighting.

The training programme is intensive and we keep the studio and co-working space open for trainees outside of workshop hours, so it is important we prioritise applicants who can easily commute so that they can make the most of the resources and support on offer.

Do you offer anything for those over the age of 25?

Unfortunately, due to being a charity and having strict criteria from our funders, we can only take on individuals from age brackets of 18-25, which is why we cannot open the programme to a wider pool of ages.

We understand this can be restrictive - so we host photography events including talks and workshops which are open to all ages and backgrounds! Please do attend any upcoming events or workshops we host if they do interest you.

Is the programme an art course?

The programme is focused on commercial photography and professional development. If being an artist is your ambition, this may not be the right course for you.  Commercial photography is highly creative, so many of the skills you will use have a relationship to art.  

You will need to balance your own vision with how the brand, business, or charity wants you to represent their product or service.You can read more about what commercial photography is here.

How often does the programme take place and when does the next programme start?

We recruit twice a year, and our next programme starts in August 2024. Occasionally, we have to amend the dates depending on recruitment and staff availability.

How is the programme structured?

The programme lasts six months. You are required to attend TPF studio in North Greenwich once a week from 9 am-5 pm on a Wednesday (TBC), and work on your assignments and commercial projects in your own time. You have access to our studio and resources 5 days a week (Mon – Fri) when a member of staff is present.

There is a week-long break midway through the programme.

How To Apply

Our application process is designed to ensure that we select candidates who demonstrate a strong commitment to learning and growth in the field. Our application form requires basic personal information, educational background, and relevant experience. Additionally, we ask applicants to submit a brief statement of purpose outlining their motivation for joining the programme and how they believe it will contribute to their professional development.

Applications are now closed, but will open again in November 2024.